If your website doesn’t have https in front of your website address, you are risking

Your Search rankings can be effected as well, slowing your traffic.

In early 2017 Google began flagging sites without SSL, the international sign of website security and they intend to get tougher in 2018.

Today’s consumers and web visitors are demanding more protection than ever. From the prying eyes of hackers and intrusive data breaches. When they come to your site and they don’t see the https they will probably leave and never return.

How do you protect information and gain your visitor’s trust?

It’s called an SSL Certificate. It encrypts the data between a server and a webbrowser

In the past SSL was required for sites accepting credit cards and other financial information. But now without the https, Google Chrome and Firefox alerts visitors that ANY information they give including name and email is not secure.

In fact, websecurity is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity!

Don’t risk losing traffic and revenue because your website is not secure.

Secure your website today or risk penalties from Google.

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